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Is Your Resume Tough Enough?

Today’s job market requires strong resumes.  Learn the secrets successful job seekers use to make resumes stand out and portray them as strong, qualified and a good company fit. 

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Supercharge Your Confidence with 7 Savvy Ingredients!

Confidence is key to success more than education and experience.  Boost your confidence with savvy steps aimed to enhance your communication, body language and how others see you. 

What’s In Your Sandwich?
7 Savvy Ingredients to Supercharge Your Confidence

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Set Yourself Up for Career Success with 10 Surefire Ingredients!

Women all over the country rave about this easy-to-read strategy book. Designed like a cook book, you’ll find  surefire ingredients successful leaders  use to succeed in business and propel careers. 

What’s In Your Sandwich?
10 Surefire Ingredients for Career Success

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Meet Your Coach , Mentor & Friend,

As a former executive with over 20yrs of corporate experience, I often shared lessons-learned with women coming up the ranks. Over casual conversations and coffee, we’d discuss office politics, how to negotiate salaries and earn respect. However, most of the time we talked about the importance of confidence for career success. 

After countless requests to bring those lessons together into a curriculum, I know it was time to launch a career academy. Thus the birth of, The SASHE Career Academy for Women (SCAW). 

SCAW provides career-minded women and entrepreneurs developmental programs, events and trainings to help navigate careers with confidence. Through transformations workshops, career boot camps as well as events that bring us together, SCAW is where women come to build confidence and the skills to move forward.  Hope you’ll join us!

Jocelyn Giangrande, MA, SPHR, CCDP, SHRM-SCP

Career Expert, Speaker & Professional Coach

Jocelyn Giangrande Career Expert, Speaker and Professional Coach