Our Learning Programs

Our learning philosophy is built on the premise that we learn best together and by applying what we’ve learned.  Therefore, our workshops are interactive, hands-on and designed to grow strong practical skills using our Trademarked LEAP Method of Learning below:  


LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  Whatever your area of focus, we start by learning the fundamentals, the rules, the process and the steps.  At SCAW, you’ll learn practical skills that are progressive and designed to for immediate application.  

EXERCISE WHAT YOU LEARNED:  At SCAW, we ensure that you’ll get opportunities to practice your learnings under the guidance of experts and get immediate feedback and coaching during our programs.  We know that practice improves performance and improved performance builds confidence.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, you must have some indication of success. Therefore, we provide immediate feedback, coaching and provide you with ways to measure your progress.  You’ll never be in the dark about your progression.

PERFORM BETTER:  When you learn the right skills, exercise them, and continually assess your progress, your performance improves. Improved performance is our goal at SCAW.

Our programs are taught by career experts, experienced professionals and coaches with diverse backgrounds, business savvy and passion for development.